An Undiscovered Feminist Treasure on Netflix

I tend to avoid writing about movies or shows that I am unbearably passionate about. And that is simply because I cannot seem to put my love for them into words. But, I find myself writing about this because I cannot let this show go unrecognised any longer. Hype usually draws an audience to something, so here I am, creating the hype this series deserves.

There comes a point in the holidays when I run dry of movies or shows that I want to watch. During my 2017 mid-year break I decided – on a whim – to begin a series that Netflix kept telling me I should watch. I ended up falling in love with the show along with its soundtrack, its actors, and the language. I rewatched it almost immediately after I finished it.


Las Chicas del Cable (or Cable Girls) is a period drama set in 1920s Madrid. This Netflix Original follows four women stemming from very different roots who find themselves united when they are hired as operators in the National Telephone Company. The story is about recovering from the past as well as learning to create a future that is uninfluenced by societal expectations. This series tackles sexism, classism, domestic abuse, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Anyone who has spoken to me in the last six months has probably encountered a discussion wherein I declare an undying love for the series. And, based on the themes alone, you can see why I can’t stop talking about Las Chicas del Cable.


“From now on, we are going to be independent women.”

I would bet on the fact that it is impossible to count the number of times “strong female character” has been used as a description in the past two years. I feel that it would be an understatement to call Las Chicas del Cable’s leading ladies “strong.” This show gives us a group of women who continuously inspire and encourage each other to keep fighting for their independence. Each one of them displays forms of courage that are unique to their character. Watching them has taught me so much about the power of women supporting one another. These girls are out to smash the patriarchy together and if you think they’re ever going to give up, you couldn’t be more wrong. So, I would simply call them: unstoppable.

Another stand-out occurrence in the show, is the polyamorous relationship between three of the workers at the company. Seeing this relationship develop gave me a much clearer understanding of polyamory. And this proved, once again, how impactful and necessary representation is on our TV screens. But that’s not where the representation ends. Las Chicas del Cable also gives us a heartbreaking – yet hopeful – storyline of a transgender character whose identity conflicts with the extremely traditional societal values of the time.G1y0LJZ

Two seasons (eight episodes each) of Las Chicas del Cable are available on Netflix right now, and are waiting for you to begin the binge! Season three has already been confirmed for this year, so it has definitely been successful thus far. It is probably my most anticipated series of 2018, but until then, you will find me rewatching season two before my holidays end.



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