6 Stand-Out Movie Moments to Start 2018

It has been a few weeks since classes have begun which means it has also been a few weeks since I have posted anything new. Towards the end of my holidays, I attempted to boost my movie-watching dosage to prepare for prioritising my studies over my film-count again.

The last two months of holidays saw me ticking off many movies I had been wanting to watch for years! For that alone, I am really proud. I also got the chance to watch some pretty bizarre movies which – of course – was incredibly exciting too. If the way I ended 2017 has set any kind of tone for my 2018 movie-watching habits, I am beyond excited for what this new year has to offer.

Looking back at the impact some of my recently watched films had on me, I feel compelled to share some of moments of these movies that stood-out the most. Moments that I am probably going to have a difficult time forgetting. Continue reading →


An Undiscovered Feminist Treasure on Netflix

I tend to avoid writing about movies or shows that I am unbearably passionate about. And that is simply because I cannot seem to put my love for them into words. But, I find myself writing about this because I cannot let this show go unrecognised any longer. Hype usually draws an audience to something, so here I am, creating the hype this series deserves. Continue reading →

‘Mermaids’: A New Year’s Countdown

happynewyearblogathon8What better way to end the year than by participating in a blogathon for the first time? Movie Movie Blog Blog is hosting a blogathon surrounding movies that involve New Years in some way. I was tempted to use a rewatch of Carol (2015) or even High School Musical (2006) for my post. But instead, I decided to go with Mermaids (1990) which I have been meaning to watch for quite a while.  Continue reading →

The Exclusivity of Movie Bucket Lists

One of our local TV channels presented the “100 Movies to Watch Before You Die” over the last two months. Of course, I was overwhelmingly excited because it meant I finally got the opportunity to watch some films that are rarely played locally. I was also eager to see which of my own favourite movies made it to the long-awaited list. Continue reading →

A Letter of Admiration to ‘Queen of Katwe’

Dear Queen of Katwe (2016)

Let me tell you something. You gave me goosebumps from your opening title until your end credits. You had me crying approximately seventeen times. And I am so very grateful that you did.

Disney has always known how to create a story with the perfect mixture of emotional moments and heart-warming humour, without forgetting that much-loved Disney magic. And, you, Queen of Katwe, are no exception.

Continue reading →

2002: My Favourite Year of Film

Not only did the early 2000s give us some of the most “aaw”-worthy romcoms such as 13 Going on 30, Definitely, Maybe and The Holiday. But it also showcased great cinematic inventiveness with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Nemo, and Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away.

I was blown away when I discovered that two of my absolute favourite movies were released in the same year. And it was in that moment that I declared 2002 my favourite year of film. There are definitely many other years that are home to more of my much-loved movies, but for now let’s just talk about 2002! Continue reading →

The Inevitable Binge-Watching of ‘Stranger Things’

*May contain a few minor spoilers

The end of year holidays have finally arrived. And that means I will most likely be super-glued in front of the TV for the next two months.

Of the many shows I have to catch up, Stranger Things 2 (or as I like to call it: Extreme Makeover: Byers’ Home Edition) is, no doubt, at the top of the list. Before I began, I had to remind myself: “Take it slowly. Just one episode at a time…” But we all know how that turns out 97% of the time. Two bathroom breaks and nine Netflix autoplays later, I was staring at the final credits in disbelief that this series had trapped me once again. Continue reading →